Jada Pinkett Smith Says She Had 'No Chemistry' With Tupac

Jada Pinkett Smith Says It ‘Wasn’t Possible’ To Have A Romance With Tupac: ‘There Was No Chemistry’

Following word of her 7-year-long separation from Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith is speaking on her well-known friendship with the late Tupac Shakur. Specifically, Jada notes that — despite what onlookers may believe — it “wasn’t possible” for them to become a romantic item, as there was “no chemistry.”

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Jada Says There Was A “Repelling Nature” Preventing Her & Tupac From Being Romantic

The Girls Trip actress shared her commentary during a recent interview with Rolling Out, and interviewer Christal Jordan got it poppin’ by asking, “Has there ever been a time that you regretted the decision that you made not to take it to that level with him and to keep it the friendship space?”

Jada responded by shutting down any prospect that the pair — who formed a bond as teens in Baltimore, Maryland — would’ve taken the romantic route.

“It just wasn’t possible. There was no chemistry between us.”

In turn, Jordan shared her shock and noted that, by the looks of what Jada has shared, there “seems to be so much chemistry” between her and Tupac.

Nonetheless, Jada Pinkett Smith pointed out that this was centered on “friendship,” adding, “Trust me.”

Additionally, the actress noted that it was almost as though she and Shakur were meant to be this “dynamic duo” who were “not gonna be able to get together.” She went as far as remarking on the “repelling nature” of any romantic prospects with him.

“We had those moments, and I wish I could get people to understand the repelling nature. It was almost like God made us that way. It was like, ‘Look, we’ll put y’all together. Y’all gonna be a dynamic duo. But Imma tell you right now, Imma make it so y’all not gonna be able to get together.'”

Jada Pinkett Smith added, “That just wasn’t the purpose.” 

Jada Pinkett Smith Recently Shared A Video Of Her & Tupac Being “Kids Together”

Jada’s commentary follows her sharing a throwback video of her and Tupac.

As The Shade Room reported, Jada Pinkett Smith shared the video shortly after the 27th anniversary of Shakur’s passing, and it showed the “dynamic duo” dancing around to Will Smith‘s “Parents Just Don’t Understand.”

Within a follow-up post, Jada remarked that the moment highlights a time when she and Tupac “were simply kids together.”

What do you think about Jada’s commentary on Tupac, Roomies?

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