Jada Pinkett & Will Smith To Take Legal Action Over Duane Rumor

Jada Pinkett Smith Reacts To Will Smith’s Former Friend Alleging Intimate Act Between Him & Duane Martin

Jada Pinkett Smith isn’t letting the intimacy rumors about Will Smith and Duane Martin slide. She recently revealed she and Will plan to take legal action in response.

In an interview with gossip vlogger Tasha K, a former friend and business partner of Will alleges he caught Smith and Duane in the middle of a sexual act. Brother Bilaal told Tasha he witnessed the alleged moment after walking into Duane’s dressing room. He went on to graphically describe the act and the alleged size of Will’s genitals.

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Social media has exploded with reactions to Brother’s claims, including conversations about this being a resurfaced rumor from years ago. At this time, no public physical evidence has been released to support Brother Bilaal’s claims.

See his allegations below. 

Will Smith & Jada React To Brother Bilaal’s Claims, Sources Say Duane Martin Won’t Respond

However, it seems like Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith won’t be letting those types of talks slide this time around. In fact, a rep for the ‘I Am Legend’ actor slammed the rumors in a statement to TMZ on Tuesday (Nov. 15).

“This story is completely fabricated, and the claim is unequivocally false,” the rep said.

As for Duane Martin, TMZ reports that sources close to him say he has no plans to address the sexual allegations. The source reportedly called the allegations “so ridiculous.”

TMZ was also the first to report, via a source, that Will was considering legal action. But on Wednesday (Nov. 15), Jada Pinkett Smith confirmed that’s the direction she and her husband are heading in.

Speaking on ‘The Breakfast Club,‘ Jada blatantly said that legal action is in the pipeline. However, she did not specify if Tasha K — who previously lost a defamation case brought by Cardi B — will also be sued.

Jada also said Brother Bilaal tried to “shake them down” in the past.

“It’s ridiculous, and it’s nonsense, and this is a person that tried a shakedown, a money shakedown that didn’t work. We’re going to take legal action because it’s one thing to have your opinion about somebody versus just making up salacious, malicious stories. So that’s actionable, so we gon’ roll with that.”

Jada added that Will previously attempted to backpay Brother for his “idea” that he was involved in Will Smith’s book. Brother allegedly declined Will’s offer, but Jada said that was a situation she had limited knowledge of.

However, rumors come with the territory of fame, Jada said. Still, the Smiths are “definitely” taking the sexual allegations through legal channels.

“It’s not true. We gon’ take care of it, and that’s that,” Jada said.

As for how Will Smith is dealing with the talks, his wife says he knows how to find a joke in every situation, including this one.

Watch her full commentary on the topic below.

And if she wasn’t clear enough on TBC, Jada also told TMZ, “We’re suing,” in a street interview.

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