Janay Rice Speaks Up About Leaked Video Of Her Assault - "The Media Used Us For Ratings" - The Shade Room

Janay Rice Speaks Up About Leaked Video Of Her Assault – “The Media Used Us For Ratings”


obamaAfter the video of NFL Player Ray Rice assaulting his wife was leaked (video can be found here ) his wife (then Fiancee) spoke up asking for privacy and slamming the media for exploiting her personal matters. Sources close to Janay & Ray say that the couple attended counseling sessions, got more involved with God , and tried to move past the incident that occurred in February. Although the leaked video hurt their family, it could have helped many other people that are struggling with domestic violence because it shows the severity of Ray ‘s actions and serves as a lesson. The public does not respond well to domestic violence in any case (Bobby Brown, Chad Johnson, Chris Brown, etc). Many people couldn’t fathom that Janay married Rice so soon after the incident, and neither can we. Girl if you didn’t leave him completely then you should have at least gone to counseling for more than a couple of months before getting married. Anyone can pretend they’ve changed for a couple of months, who knows what will come out after marriage…especially now that he lost his job! But hey baby girl, that’s your choice!

Read Janay Rice’s Statement Below:


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