Jasmin Brown Jokes About Being Cam Newton's Third Co-Parent

Jasmin Brown Jokes About Being Cam Newton’s Third Co-Parent (Video)

Jasmin Brown isn’t sweating talks of being Cam Newton‘s third co-parent! In fact, she seemingly addressed the internet whispers in a recent stand-up show.

This comes a little over a month after she announced she was expecting her first child.

“I’m the third one and this is his sixth child,” Jasmin said while on stage. “Somebody [in the audience] said ‘Ooh couldn’t have been me.’ Aight, until a rich n***a put that pressure on you.”

According to Page Six and a previous post from Newton, he has seven children, meaning his unborn child with Jasmin marks eight. Newton is father to five kids with ex-fiancée Kia Proctor and two with his ex-girlfriend La Reina Shaw.

Jazzy implied that Newton only has five children because two kids from each of his previous relationships are not biologically his.

Cam and Kia welcomed their first in 2015 and welcomed three more between 2017 and 2019. The pro-baller took in Proctor’s eldest child as his own. He also considers Shaw’s son from a previous relationship his own.

Jasmin added that she was “keeping it real” at her Charlotte, North Carolina show on Dec. 5. She implied that women who say “I could never” might change their minds if a “million-dollar n***a put that pressure on.” 

“You don’t know what you gon’ do,” Jasmin Brown joked.

Jasmin Brown Is Laughing Her Way Through Pregnancy, Despite “Baby Mama #3” Comments

Online users have pointed to moments in the past when Jasmin allegedly negatively spoke of having a child with someone who has multiple children with multiple women.

But this stand-up show moment isn’t the first time the comedian addressed the “baby mama number three” comments. And it likely won’t be her last time.

That’s because her pregnancy announcement on Oct. 27 doubled as a promotion for her comedy tour. She named the tour Baby Momma 3 and Third Times A Charm.

She is taking these jokes on the road for at least four more shows until Dec. 17.

Meanwhile, Cam isn’t being as gracious with the side-eyes his girlfriend’s getting. During the stand-up, Jasmin Brown jokingly recalled her conversation with Newton as he clapped back at haters.

“He was clapping back at a couple of people in the comments too, which was great I was like ‘Yeah babe, get ’em, ain’t nobody gon’ be able to read yo font but yeah get ’em babe,” Jasmin said.

Watch the stand-up below.


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