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Jason Derulo Speaks Out After Instagram Removes His Revealing Photo—”I Can’t Help My Size”

Whew chile, we know many of you were very happy with Jason Derulo’s recent sexy Instagram photo that revealed some of the parts of him we never thought we’d see. Unfortunately, Instagram was not here for it and promptly removed the photo—and Jason is not feeling it.

Jason Derulo sent collective hearts racing when he posted a photo of himself in a pair of black underwear and nothing else…and his *ahem* “print” was clearly outlined. Well if you are an active Instagram user, you already know that the popular social media platform will snatch a photo down without hesitation if they find it inappropriate.

Jason had to learn this lesson the hard way—and now he’s speaking out about it. He posted a screenshot of Instagram’s message about removing the photo and posted a caption that read, “F**k u mean? I have underwear on…I can’t help my size.” According to IG’s regulations, the photo was removed due to “nudity and sexual activity.”

A spokesperson for Facebook, which owns Instagram, explained that the post violated the site’s guidelines by featuring “aroused genitalia.” The social media platform also pulls posts that include sexual intercourse, genitals and close-ups of fully nude buttocks.

Speaking about the photo when he initially posted it, Jason had this to say:

“It’s crazy, man. I honestly ain’t feel like that was gonna be my most-liked picture when I woke up this morning. I posted [it] very early [and] it was like from months ago, it was not even something that I just did.”

Maybe he will find another way to post the thirst traps his fans know and love.


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