Jay Williams Checks NBA Players & Tells Them Not To Be ‘Tone-Deaf’ Following Their Complaints About The League’s Bubble  

Jay Williams Checks NBA Players & Tells Them Not To Be ‘Tone-Deaf’ Following Their Complaints About The League’s Bubble  

By now, many of you know the continuation of the NBA season is quickly approaching as teams have been arriving in Orlando, where they will all remain at Disney’s ESPN World-Wide Sports Complex. As they make their arrivals into what has become known as “the bubble,” they have been sharing what it has been like so far, and there have been some complaints along the way.

On Sunday, former NBA player and current sports analyst, Jay Williams had a quick message for some of the players following their complaints.

In a video posted to his social media, Jay said, “NBA players cannot be tone-deaf. My NBA brothers, you cannot be tone-deaf right now in this current environment. We all know the life that NBA players live, you are blessed, get a chance to be on planes, get a chance to have millions of dollars in your bank account, you live a different level of life. But that is drastically different than what real everyday working Americans are going through right now.”

He continued, “You’re in a billion-dollar bubble. f you want to complain about the anxieties you have from COVID-related issues, I get it, complain about that. We all have the right to complain about that. But when I hear NBA guys complaining about living facilities, food that they have being delivered to them, it is tone-deaf. It is tone-deaf. I want you to think about people who are everyday working people who are making minimum wage trying make ends meet, that are going to factories, that are going to really harsh working environments.”

Earlier in the week Trey Daniels from the Denver Nuggets and Chris Chiozza from the Brooklyn Nets shared their meals with their followers, and social media started to joke about them being a part of Fyre Festival part 2.

As we previously reported, training camps will run from July 9th to the 29th and the remainder of the season is scheduled to resume on July 30th.


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