Jay-Z Speaks On Inspiration Behind Blue Ivy Carter's Unique Name

Jay-Z Sheds Light On How He & Beyoncé Settled On Blue Ivy Carter’s Name

As Blue Ivy Carter approaches her twelfth birthday, her superstar father — Jay-Z — is sharing some long-awaited insight into his firstborn’s noteworthy name.

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He Says Blue Ivy Was Originally Supposed To Be Named “Brooklyn”

The “On to the Next One” rapper shared his commentary during a sit-down with Gayle King on CBS Mornings.

While chatting it up, Jay-Z revealed what he and Beyoncé had initially wanted to name their daughter, and it’s apparently a homage to the NYC borough where he was born and raised.

“It was supposed to be Brooklyn. That was the name that we had in theory.”

However, their plans swiftly derailed after they came up with a cute nickname after an ultrasound.

“When we got the little sonograms, [she was] super small there, and we was calling her ‘Blueberry.'”

He added, “It was like a nickname. For nine months, we were like, ‘Look at the little blueberry!”

As a result of the cute nickname, Blue Ivy’s name iconic name came about. The rapper declared, “It just was natural. We just took the ‘-berry’ off and just called her Blue.”

The Roomies React To Jay-Z’s Revelation

Beneath The Shade Room‘s upload on the matter, the Roomies came thru to share their reactions to Jay-Z’s revelation.

One user going by @creatively_chi humorously expressed her disbelief over the inspiration behind Blue Ivy’s name.

“All this time we were thinking Blue’s name had some type of deep meaning behind it, and you mean to tell me her name is Blue because she was small like a blueberry… A BLUEBERRY!?”

Additionally, @mochahontas.__ got folks laughing by declaring, “all the girlies named brooklyn… You ain’t no divaaaaaaaa.” 

Another Roomie, @sunnysscene, said she “thought it was symbolic of The Blueprint 4.”

“I thought it was symbolic of The Blueprint 4; Blue IV meaning his greatest album personified. I still think that…”

Similarly, @bashbaeby shared a whole account of how there has to be more to the story, citing her belief that Beyoncé had previously mentioned a “blue ivy tree” playing into the decision.

“There’s actually waaayyy more to that story too. Didn’t Bey say one day they were on vacay and she saw a ‘blue Ivy tree’ and saw that as a sign. (blue + IV…. Which is the Roman numeral for 4. 4 is their fav number. 4 also being the day Bey and Jay were born (9/4 and 12/4) and 4/4 is their anniversary.”

As for @grace.my.face, she proclaimed that Beyoncé “definitely said that was that man’s favorite color.”

“Beyoncé will tell us anything to get up out of her face…. She definitely said that was that man’s favorite color.”

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