Roommates, today we celebrate Jay-Z for being alive for half a century! And to honor his 50th birthday, Jigga has decided to re-release his entire catalog of music to Spotify after one-year of its removal.

Spotify announced Jay’s return on Twitter, and fans are now able to listen to his 4:44, ‘Watch The Throne’, ‘The Black Album’, and ‘American Gangster’ projects on the service!

Jay pulled most of his discography off of Spotify back in April 2017 without an explanation. Most people assumed he pulled the music to get people to subscribe to his own streaming service, Tidal, which launched just two years prior.

Despite the reason, fans are excited to have Jay’s music back on another platform, and hope that he will expand the catalog to Apple Music as well!

What’s your favorite Jay-Z project, Roomies? Let us know in the comments, and wish Hov a blessed and prosperous birthday!