Jayda Cheaves Opens Up About Rekindling A Previous Romance

Jayda Cheaves Opens Up About ‘Recently’ Rekindling A Previous Romance: ‘I… Gave My Relationship Another Shot & It Shot Me’

Jayda Cheaves is addressing pregnancy rumors, opening up about her recent dating life, and more.

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Jayda Cheaves Addresses Pregnancy Speculation & Opens Up About Recently Rekindling A Past Romance

The social media influencer and businesswoman appeared as a guest on YouTuber Zias’s channel. In the video published on Saturday, Cheaves participated in a mukbang with the YouTuber.

During the sit-down feast, the 25-year-old addressed the public’s recent speculation of her being pregnant.

 “I think [it was] because I had just been off the internet — like I really went missing for like a good little minute,” she explained.

Cheaves went on to explain why she went “missing.”

“You know how, like, you just get in a relationship… and we just forget about ourselves. We totally just fall off the face of the earth ’cause we’re so consumed in the relationship, and that’s where I was at in my life,” she continued. “And I got super-duper consumed to the point now it’s like, I’m back free. I’m back outside.”

At this point, Zias asks Cheaves if she was in a relationship “recently, ” which she confirms. As the group laughs in surprise, Cheaves divulges more.

“Yeah, I, like, gave my relationship another shot, and it shot me,” Cheaves said, breaking out into laughter. “It’s really not funny [but] I’m laughing — it’s a trauma response.”

The 25-Year-Old Explains Whether She’s Given Up On Love

As the 25-year-old continued, she explained that despite the failed rekindling of a previous romance, she is “not giving up on love.”

“I’m not giving up on love. Love is gonna find me…”

Cheaves explained that “right now,” she is single and focused on being a good mother and businesswoman. However, she acknowledges that when she is in a relationship, she “gets so invested” in it and forgets about herself.

“Simple things that I do enjoy doing, I don’t do those things in a relationship…”

It’s important to note that Jayda Cheaves shares a son with rapper Lil Baby. The pair have come to be known for their years-long off-again, on-again relationship, as reported by The Shade Room.

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Jayda Cheaves Recently Spoke On Her Past Dating Life While Addressing Summer Walker

As The Shade Room previously reported, Cheaves most recently addressed her dating past while responding to comments made by Summer Walker in July. At the time, Walker revealed that she had broken up with her boyfriend, actor Lil Meech, due to his infidelity.

Walker added that she “tried” her “best” to “be Jayda Wayda.” However, she couldn’t put up with the “cheatin stuff.”

Cheaves did not take lightly to Walker’s comments and responded by explaining that she “learned” her “lesson” after having “one kid,” seemingly referring to her child’s father, Lil Baby.

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