Jayda Cheaves Opens Up About Dissolving Her Lip Filler

(WATCH) Jayda Cheaves Opens Up About Dissolving Her Lip Filler: ‘I Actually Look Cute Without That’

Jayda Cheaves is opening up about dissolving her lip fillers and sharing whether she would opt for them again.

Jayda Cheaves Got Candid About Dissolving Her Lip Filler On Social Media

The 25-year-old businesswoman recently took to Snapchat to share a close-up video of her lips.

“All Dissolved back to me”

Cheaves wrote in the video’s caption.

Then she shared a follow-up video. She explained that she had her lip fillers dissolved, and although she intended to have them re-done, she ultimately decided not to.

“The original plan was to get them dissolved to get them redone because I just had like too much filler in my lip. But now that I see myself without them, I’m not getting more filler put in my lip. For what?… I literally look cute… I actually look cute without that s**t so…”

Cheaves explained that if anyone has been having filler injected into their lips over the years, they should have them dissolved. Then, redone. Additionally, she explained that her experience of not doing so made her lip filler begin to look “really bad.”

The 25-year-old then shared a before and after photo of her lips. Before she hopped off Snapchat, she clarified that she has only had filler injected into her lips.

Jayda Cheaves Has Previously Been Transparent When Speaking About Her Appearance

Cheaves has previously been very transparent regarding her appearance. In January, the 25-year-old informed fans that she underwent a chemical peel, despite some internet users alleging that she had participated in skin bleaching, as reported by The Shade Room.

“The Peel 10/10 My big dark marks are gone And now that my color coming back the hyperpigmentation is fading day by day as well. I’m still healing but the progress is amazing”

Additionally, Cheaves also opened up about the importance of being “strong-minded” and ignoring criticism.

“The internet is meant to tear you down. It’s meant to make you insecure… but that’s why you always have to be strong-minded…”

The 25-year-old explained that she hasn’t always been that way, but now she is so “grounded” within herself that the “negative” comments don’t bother her.

Roommates, are you happy that Jayda Cheaves is being so transparent? Do you agree with her decision to refrain from lip fillers?


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