Jayda Cheaves Shares Skin Update After Skin Bleaching Accusals

Jayda Cheaves Shares Skincare Update After Social Media Users Accuse Her Of Skin Bleaching

Jayda Cheaves is standing tall on her assertions of undergoing a chemical peel, despite social media users accusing her of bleaching her skin.

Jayda Cheaves Takes To Her Instagram Story To Share A Skincare Update

The 25-year-old took to her Instagram Story earlier this week to give fans an update about her skin. According to Cheaves, she rates her results a “10/10.” And added that her “big dark marks are gone.”

She also explained, now that her “color” is “coming back,” her “hyperpigmentation is fading day by day.” Cheaves added that she is “still healing but the progress is amazing.”

Some social media users continued to share their thoughts about the matter.

I think baby need a break from engaging on social media rn . She been overly explaining everything and ppl still believe what they want about her


After a few more treatments she’ll look like vybez kartel


I don’t see it as an explanation, there’re people who obviously follow her journey and are genuinely interested in the process and she’s simply giving an update, that’s her job.. Jesus!


Just let it go🙄. If you did you did if you didn’t you didn’t. Why keep feeding into what random ppl on the internet say.

Others simply continued to voice their disbelief about Cheaves undergoing a chemical peel.

Gurl that was a good peel!!! Which one 🧐😂


Girl, I’ve done tons of chemical peel/microdermabrasion/laser resurfacing and I’m still dark as charcoal…. You bleaching!

One woman, who said she is a licensed esthetician, shared tips for Cheaves and the social media audience.

Also, USE SUNSCREEN. Especially after your skin has healed after a chemical peel. Hyperpigmentation is natural, everyone has it. Sunscreen isn’t what will make it go away, but it’ll help protect your skin from the sun so your skin can heal itself instead of fighting the damages of the rays. YES IM A LICENSED ESTHETICIAN

Another licensed esthetician, named Tiara Willis, also shared more insight into the exact peel that Cheaves underwent. Willis noted that if this particular chemical peel procedure is “overused,” it can allow an individual to successfully lighten their skin.

The Continued Backlash And Accusations Against Jayda Cheaves

One Twitter user even went so far as to capture a screenshot of Cheaves on her Instagram Story, with the camera zoomed in on her face.

Twitter users flocked to the comment section to further share their shock at her lightened complexion.

One Twitter user even shared a bold assertion of why she doesn’t believe Cheaves underwent a chemical peel.

Prior to Cheaves taking to her Instagram Story, rapper Saucy Santana shared a tweet commenting on the backlash the 25-year-old has been receiving.

Cheaves even took to her Instagram Story to address the tough skin, and strong-mindedness, that’s needed to brush off the criticism as a social media influencer.

She even addressed the criticism she received for a look, and hairstyle, that she sported at a recent event.

Many social media users shared distasteful comments about Cheaves’ complexion, as well as their disdain for her blonde wig.

Whoever did her wig dont needa do it no mo🗣️🗣️🥴


The comments are degrading . I would never sit online and bash another woman . Just weird .


Nobody is hating we’re literally witnessing her ruin her face 😫🤦🏾‍♀️

Cheaves Initially Addressed The Skin Bleaching Rumors On Instagram Live Earlier This Month

Jayda Cheaves initially addressed the accusations about her appearance while on Instagram Live earlier this month. The businesswoman and social media influencer firmly asserted that the only procedures she recently underwent on her face were a chemical peel and having her moles removed.

 My skin is still very raw. I’m still using all the creams and the stuff to get rid of that first layer of dead skin. My skin is also still peeling, so it’s going to appear to be a lot lighter because they ripped off that first layer of skin…

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