So y’all know #JenniferWilliams had a lot to do with the drama on #BasketballWives this season.  So much so that she chose to not attend the reunion because she knew it was about to be some ish. Jen even said that the #BBWLA producers were waiting outside her house for hours trying to get her to go to the reunion—and even told her they’d have extra security.

That being said, sis had her own lil reunion moment at Power 105’s #BreakfastClub this morning where she spilled some tea. According to #Jennifer, she says that #ShaunieONeal being the executive producer of this show, and therefore wanting good ratings, tends to start a lot of drama behind the scenes. Sis even insinuated that she and #Evelyn initially heard the Cece “happy endings” comment from Shaunie off screen.

Jen says she felt set up all season, and that she didn’t say anything about Evelyn’s daughter Shaunice, and feels bad that they keep dragging her into their storylines when she has nothing to do with the show. As for whether or not she’ll be back on the show, watch the full Breakfast Club interview below:

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