Whew! #Roommates, I know you guys are familiar with the original “Prison bae” Jeremy Meeks, who has launched a very successful modeling career after his mugshot went viral.

Jeremy has been living THAT life for a while and in the midst of living that life, he also managed to fall in love with billionaire #ChloeGreen who happens to be the heiress to #Topshop.

The pair have a beautiful son together but is there trouble in paradise? Lately, Chloe has been seen on several occasions not wearing her engagement ring.

Scroll through Chloe’s instagram to see her ringless pictures, CLICK HERE

That could be coincidental, maybe she doesn’t want to lose her ring or maybe she forgot to wear it for a few days… Interestingly enough, Jeremy also didn’t wish his fiancée a happy mother’s day. Now before you say maybe he just didn’t do it for the ‘gram, he DID do it for the ‘gram on her birthday, their anniversary and basically any other occasion he could.

Either way, Jeremy is in France at the Cannes Film Festival but hit the red carpet with another woman who isn’t Chloe. Jeremy stepped out with another model named Andreea Sasu and they looked pretty cozy on the carpet together.

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They were also spotted grabbing lunch earlier today also.

No need to google Roommates, I got us! This is Andreea’s Instagram page, CLICK HERE 

Interestingly enough, Andreea only follows 39 people and Jeremy is one of them (TUH!). *Sips tea* But anyway, there’s really no word on if the pair are romantic or if this is strictly a business relationship, but people are definitely raising their eyebrows at the whole thing!

Given the fact, we all know Jeremy Meeks and Chloe reportedly got together while Jeremy was still with his first baby momma, the woman who held him DOWN while he was in the clink, maybe he’s moved on and Chloe hasn’t gotten the memo?

We’ll keep you up on this tea Roommates!