Roommates, in a rare interview Jeremy Meeks opens up about the past, his present and what he has planned for the future. Since going viral and being dubbed Prison Bae. Jeremy has taken the model industry by storm and created a completely different life for himself.

In the sit down interview with Chelsea Grayson, he explains how his life has been troubled since he was a child. His father served a life sentence for allegedly killing his mother’s best friend. He also touches on his mother, who he explains was heavily addicted to heroin.

Along with his childhood trauma, Jeremy also spilled tea on his ex-wife. We all know Jeremy infamously got with billionaire heiress #ChloeGreen in what seemed to have been a cheating scandal. However, Jeremy paints their relationship in a completely different light. If you’ve been REALLY keeping up then you know, after we posted photos of Chloe boo’d up with a mystery man on a yacht, he’s also stepped out with a new boo.

The teaaaaaaaaa! Anyway, Jeremy actually said he’s looking to have more kids and is excited for a babygirl. As far as his career goes, Jeremy maintains he’s not just a pretty face. He’s actually looking into doing music and has secured a few acting gigs that he can’t spill too much on.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard Jeremy speak more than 8 words so the entire interview is pretty insightful. He’s definitely been through a long road of ups and downs but his story in itself is pretty motivational. If you’d like to know more definitely heck out the whole interview here: