Roommates, if you’ve been keeping up with Jidenna, then you know he’s been getting very friendly with his fans at shows and listening parties! We were able to speak with him and he let us know EXCATLY what he’s looking for when it comes to the lovely ladies he chooses to dance with!

I know you guys have seen the videos of Jidenna living his best life while he’s been performing at his shows, he exclusively spoke to us and let us know some dos & don’ts IF you do get pulled on stage and how you can catch his eye. When asked what he’s looking for in someone he brings up, he said: “I’m looking for a woman who is unapologetically herself, that was I know she’s going to REALLY dance.” We also got some tea about his dating life and if he’d date a fan.

When asked what are some “don’ts” for women he dances with, he said: “My only don’t is please don’t grope me. I don’t like being groped by a stranger anymore than a woman. But I grew up on dancehall and trap so duttywining and twerking are expected and encouraged.”

If you’re trying to get chosen by Jidenna, look out for his management too Roommates! Apparently sometimes he asks for volunteers and others, his management is looking at the crowd before he gets on to see who is having a good time and dancing.

Now for the TEA, apparently Jidenna is VERY single and out her looking. He’s open to dating fans too, he said: “Fans are people that really dig the music so of course I’d be open to dating someone who vibes with the music so long as we have a real connection.”

So the next time you’re at his shows Roommates, make sure you’re having a good time and it shows cause they are WATCHING! Don’t miss your chance at dancing with Jidenna!