Jim Jones Says He Trademarked His Viral Foot Tap

Jim Jones Says He Trademarked His Viral Foot Tap, Leaving Internet Users Confused: ‘Can You Trademark Physical Movement?’

Jim Jones has revealed his most recent financial move. The 46-year-old rapper recently stopped by Shade 45 for an interview with Superstar Jay. And shared that he trademarked his viral foot tap.

Weatherman Jones

Jones took to Instagram back in 2019, during a brutal winter storm, and gave a weather report that went viral.

Shit getting out of hand now. When n****s waking you up talking bout it’s a storm out here. Listen, I’m only here to give y’all the weather before I go back to sleep.

It’s fucked up out here. Schools closed, probation’s closed and the coroner’s closed. I shouldn’t even have to say no more, n***a. Stay your ass the fuck in house, n***a.

The rapper’s intense foot tap couldn’t help but be noticed by viewers. And, of course, added to the hilarity of the clip.

Dawggg !!! The foot tap


That little tap😂😂😂😂


😭😭😭😭 Neurologist and the probation office being closed took me over 😂😂😂😂😂

From then on, the 46-year-old would periodically take to his Instagram account to share weather reports with fans.

Jones’ Trademark

During Jones’ interview at Shade 45, he explained more about his decision to trademark the foot tap.

I trademarked the foot tap. I saw one of these companies doing that s**t in their commercials and I had to [say]… ‘Let me holla at you and show you what this trademark look like’… Before they have to pay you that type of money, they do the right thing and acknowledge that you were outta pocket and things like that, and hopefully, they turn around and do business with you for the same reason they was using whatever properties you owned.

The Internet Reacts

Instagram users reacted to Jones’ revelation, some in disbelief that one could trademark a physical action. While others denied the rapper’s claim.

So no one can tap their foot on video again?


odd flex but whatever 🙄


Can you trademark physical movement?


I call BS. You can’t trademark an action like that and since the days of Charlie Chaplin that has been universal and recognized as a sing


Announcing it is where he messed up. Should have kept it quiet and sue ppl or companies on the low. Now nobody will do that foot tap shit. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️.


Can’t trademark a foot tap. Bugging!

Roommates, are you also calling cap on Jones’ revelation?


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