Okay! Joe Biden’s tryna get that VOTE vote y’all! He’s apparently willing to invest $70 billion in HBCUs and minority serving institutions, as he said in a tweet Wednesday.

“Historically Black Colleges and Universities have always been the heartbeat of our country’s fight for justice,” he tweeted. Adding, “When HBCUs rise, we all rise.”

Although Joe maintains a strong support from black voters, this campaign, “HBCU Students For Biden”, could possibly target a younger market of black voters such as the ones who support Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Many of the Democratic candidates have actually all introduced plans directed towards funding HBCUs, such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg. Joe Biden did not come to play though as he is ready to put a whole $70 billion on the line.

“Joe Biden has always been, and continues to be central to civil rights activism and social justice, and produce outstanding young leaders. … The campaign is proud to have student leaders on HBCUs across the country organizing and volunteering for our campaign, and their strength will help us win the nomination and beat Trump,” campaign aide Kamau M. Marshall said in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

According to a recent polling from Washington Post, Bernie Sanders is the leading candidate who has support among black voters under the age of 35, however, Joe Biden leads the candidates with the most black voters overall, including those in older age groups.

What are your thoughts on this Roommates?