Joe Budden Responds To Tahiry’s Abuse Claims—He Says That She Was Abusive To Him

Joe Budden Responds To Tahiry’s Abuse Claims—He Says That She Was Abusive To Him

Recently Tahiry did an interview with Jason Lee from Hollywood Unlocked, and during their discussion, Tahiry talked about allegedly suffering from abuse at the hands of her ex Joe Budden during their relationship.

On the latest episode of Joe’s podcast, “The Joe Budden Podcast,” he addressed those claims and said that Tahiry was the one that was abusive towards him.

He said, “This young lady is a liar, a cancerous toxic lair. I’m uncertain why she’s lying this way, I’m not certain if she’s misspeaking. If she has a false recollection of things. I’m not sure what it is, but she said some things that did not sit right with my soul.”

Joe continued to point out that they were in their early 20’s when they dated.

“We were toxic to each other, and I’m glad that the climate has changed and we’re able to have some conversations today that we couldn’t have back then. Today I am very comfortable saying, you were abusive. You used to beat my a**, you threw sh*t, you hit me, you kicked me, you did a whole bunch of sh*t,” said Joe.

He also addressed Tahiry’s claims about her nose being broken and said that another man broke her nose, and he was there for her after the moment happened.

As we previously reported, aside from a broken nose, Tahiry alleged that she also suffered from fractured ribs and said that she had been thrown down the stairs as well.

During her interview, she said, “I have to continue going because people rely on me. I have to handle stuff because I have to grow in this business. I’m not going to fold. I’m not failing because you want me to. I just keep going — until your trauma meets you.”


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