#Roommates, although it may be the last thing on your mind as we continue to be in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak, Easter is only a few days away. While traditional Easter Sunday church services are out of the question right now, megachurch founder Joel Osteen has found a way around it—he is set to host a virtual Easter Sunday service featuring A-list celebrities Kanye West, Mariah Carey and Tyler Perry.

According @TMZ_TV, sources reveal that Joel Osteen will stream a special Easter Sunday service at his Lakewood Church in Houston to deliver sermons of love and support to the millions of his congregation. To give things an extra special twist, Osteen will be joined by Kanye West, Mariah Carey and Tyler Perry virtually from their respective locations.

Kanye and his Sunday Service choir will be performing from L.A.  and providing all of the music for the service, which will be broadcast over Osteen’s live feed. Meanwhile, Mariah will be part of a special tribute to medical professionals and first responders in which she will sing her hit song “Hero” via webcam. As for Tyler, he is said to be delivering words of encouragement to viewers during this trying time.

It’s very likely that Osteen could add additional special guests to his Easter Service, although no additional details have been released regarding the line-up. This will be a repeat collaboration for Kanye, as he previously visited Osteen’s church last year.


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