Jonah Hill Shares Hilarious Dance And Message For Beyoncé To Instagram

Jonah Hill Shares Hilarious Dance And Message For Beyoncé To Instagram

While Beyoncé typically gives a show to remember, Jonah Hill recently flipped the script! The Hollywood actor took to Instagram with quite the performance for Queen Bey. In a video timed at 39 seconds, Jonah lets his body rolling do all the talking. But, in his caption under the post, he spoke lovingly about an intimate friendship with the superstar singer.

“Beyoncé our friendship has evolved so much over the years,” Jonah wrote in his caption. “Life gets in the way sometimes; family, kids, career, etc.”

Now, whether this friendship is one-sided or not, remains unclear! What’s not murky is Jonah stanning for Bey saying she means “a lot to [him.]” He’s seen standing barefoot in what appears to be a driveway. Jonah is dressed in a white and pink graphic tee, blue shorts, a yellow bucket hat and matching yellow sunglasses.

Hands positioned on his hips, he rolls them in circles and side-to-side dips. He makes sure not to leave his shoulders out of the loop as they rotate both backwards and forward at some point in the clip. It’s safe to say he’s dancing his heart out with each calculated, jerky movement.


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And, because it’s a Beyoncé video tribute, Jonah plays none other than the Beyhive leader to get his moves on. The chosen song is Beyoncé’s hit record “Hold Up” from her sixth studio album “Lemonade.” Released in April 2016, the track is most notable for the accompanying video. It shows Beyoncé skipping through a town on foot and smashing car windows with a bat named “hot sauce,” according to Genius.

Jonah, being the comedian he is, seems to suggest the track is a joint project calling it an “important” piece of “work.”

“While we don’t see each other as much day to day as we used to, it’s beautiful that we can still collaborate artistically on such important pieces of work such as this,” Jonah wrote.

By Saturday evening, Jonah’s post was seen over 1.1 million times, gained more than 275,000 likes and more than 3,700 comments. He ended the post with a show of love.

“We don’t say it enough to each other, but you mean a lot to me,” Jonah wrote.

Yup, us too Jonah, we’re right there with you!

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