Jonathan Majors Accused Of Physical Abuse By Two Ex-Girlfriends

Jonathan Majors Accused Of Physical Abuse By Two More Women

Jonathan Majors is facing more trouble as two of his former girlfriends are now coming forward, accusing him of physical and emotional abuse.

According to Rolling Stone, Emma Duncan and Maura Hooper are the women in question making serious claims against the actor.

Jonathan Majors’ Alleged Abusive Past

Per the news publication, Duncan’s relationship with Majors allegedly saw multiple incidents of physical violence take place during their romance.

She recalls one particular day in July 2016 when Majors allegedly assaulted her. He allegedly flung her across the room and threatened her fertility.

Majors has since denied these accusations.

Meanwhile, Hooper was a former classmate of Majors at the Yale drama school. She described a controlling environment during her time with the ‘Creed’ star.

Hooper reportedly dated the 35-year-old between 2013 to 2015. She alleges to have endured experiences similar to those of Duncan.

The allegations of abuse made by Duncan and Hooper were first brought to light in a Rolling Stone investigation conducted in June 2023.

More than a dozen sources, either friends of the women or aware of their relationships with Majors, supported their accounts.

Despite wanting to come forward with their stories, both women declined to comment on the original article due to fear of retaliation.

A third woman, known as “Anna,” also voiced her experience of the alleged abuse she endured by Majors.

Majors’ lawyer’s firm allegedly sent a threatening letter, which she claimed to have received and later discovered.

Out of fear, Anna decided to withdraw from participating in the Rolling Stone investigation.

Jonathan Majors’ Arrest And Trial

In March 2023, authorities infamously arrested Majors after he allegedly attacked his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari, who had found a flirtatious text from another woman on his phone.

In December, the court convicted him of reckless assault and a harassment violation, and he now faces up to a year in prison.

Per Variety, the former Marvel star, who the studio has since dropped after being found guilty, was scheduled to be sentenced on February 6.

In a last-minute motion, his attorneys delayed the sentencing with a new court filing.

In his first interview since the verdict, Majors sat down with ‘Good Morning America.’

He touched on the domino effect that occurred after the verdict, which has seen him dropped from partnerships, endorsements, and movie deals.

“Everything has kinda gone away. And it’s just me now, you know, and my lovely, you know, partner, [actress] Meagan [Good], and my dogs,” he said.

During the interview, Majors addressed surveillance footage of him being chased by Jabbari on the evening of his alleged assault on her.

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“[…] From my experience, from my point of view, a young Black man in any situation with anyone honestly, if the authorities get involved in any way, there’s going to be conversation, conflict, trauma. If you watch those videos and you reverse that, and you saw a Black man chasing a young white girl down the street, screaming and crying, that man is gonna be shot and killed in the streets of New York City. That Black man will feel that.”

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