Jonathan Majors & Grace Jabbari: Footage Released (Video)

Surveillance Footage Of Jonathan Majors & Grace Jabbari On Night Of Alleged Altercation Is Released (VIDEO)

Surveillance footage from March 25, the date Jonathan Majors allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari, has been released. As The Shade Room previously reported, the actor was charged with harassment, strangulation, and assault of Jabbari after the incident.

Majors’s domestic abuse trial began last week.

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The Surveillance Footage

According to TMZ, Judge Michael Gaffey, the judge presiding over Majors’ case, released evidence from the actor’s trial to the public on Wednesday, December 13. Included in the evidence, is surveillance footage which shows what occurred after Majors allegedly assaulted Jabbari in their taxi that evening.

The footage shows the vehicle stopped near an intersection. Jabbari and Majors appear to be standing in close proximity outside of the vehicle’s opened rear passenger door.

As the footage plays, viewers see Majors pick Jabbari up and place her inside the vehicle. Jabbari then hops out and is seen walking close beside Majors as he retreats from the car and ultimately runs away from her grasp.

The footage then shows various camera angles as Majors runs down multiple streets. In the footage, Jabbari is seen trailing behind.

According to TMZ, the actor outran Jabbari and she was left speaking with “a group of strangers” as they attempted to console her. The outlet adds that Majors encountered the group but instructed Jabbari to stay away from him.

The two ultimately ended the evening with Majors reportedly staying in a hotel and Jabbari going to a nightclub. Additionally, the actor called 911 the following day when he returned to their apartment to find Jabbari “passed out” in their closet.

The actor allegedly feared that Jabbari had overdosed.

According to TMZ, photos have also been released of Jabbari’s alleged injuries from that evening. Additionally, audio recordings and text message exchanges between the former couple have also been made public.

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More Details Regarding The Taxi Driver’s Account Of Events

As The Shade Room previously reported, Naveed Sarwar, the ex-couple’s taxi driver, took the stand to testify on Monday, December 11. Sarwar alleged that Majors was “not doing anything.”

Instead, the driver alleged that Jabbari was “doing everything.”

“Many things were happening, I had the feeling the girl had hit the boy,” Sarwar explained, per PEOPLE.

Prosecutors reportedly reminded the driver to only testify about what occurred and not his thoughts, or opinion, of what happened.

“He was trying to get rid of her,” Sarwar insisted, per PEOPLE. “He was saying, ‘Leave me alone, I have to go…’ He was not doing anything. She was doing everything.”

According to PEOPLE, Sarwar’s testimony differed from earlier statements where he alleged Majors threw Jababri around the vehicle “like a football.” Rolling Stone reports that there is no footage from the former couple’s car ride because the “video camera was not working at the time.”

More Information Regarding Grace Jabbari’s Testimony

As The Shade Room previously reported, Jabbari provided her testimony of events while taking the stand last week. The 30-year-old alleged that she and Majors were leaving a dinner when she saw a text on the actor’s phone.

“I wish I was kissing you right now,” the text reportedly read, per Variety.

Majors allegedly told Jabbari the message wasn’t “what it seems.” However, while in the vehicle, Jabbari attempted to grab the actor’s phone.

“[I felt] what I knew to be the weight of him on top of me as he tried to pry the phone from my fingers,” Jabbari explained to the jury, per PEOPLE.

The 30-year-old alleged that Majors pulled and twisted her arm before she felt “a really hard blow” against her head.

During her testimony, Jabbari also explained going to a bar after the alleged incident.

“The [physical] pain wasn’t registering. I was aware there was pain in my body, but I hadn’t registered anything. I’m a dancer. I’ve danced with a broken rib,” Habbari reportedly said, per Variety. “I was only thinking from my heart of the infidelity. That morning, we were talking about when we were going to get married and the names of our [future] children.”

According to TMZ, the prosecution has now rested its case and the defense will bring witnesses to the stand moving forward. Rolling Stone reports that it remains unclear whether Majors will take the stand himself.

Furthermore, the actor has pled not guilty to the charges against him. However, if convicted, he may spend up to one year behind bars.

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