Joseline Hernandez Admits Love And Hip Hop Is Scripted... Tell Us Something We Didn't Know! (Video Inside)!!

Joseline Hernandez Admits Love And Hip Hop Is Scripted… Tell Us Something We Didn’t Know! (Video Inside)!!

Looks like Love And Hip Hop star Althea is hitting Joseline Hernandez where it hurts, her pockets! If you recall on the last season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s reunion show, Joseline got in to a brawl with just about everyone, but first initially popped off on Althea, well Althea is currently suing her for the incident.

After the fight, rumors swirled that the Puerto Rican Princess and Stevie J were both high on drugs during the show, which may have had something to do with the seemingly superhuman strength and anger she had displayed on the show.

Well that may have struck a nerve with Joseline because now she is spilling all the tea on what really goes on in reality tv. A videotaped deposition has been released where Joseline says that reality tv is actually less reality and more acting, like we all knew already!

Well, with reality TV, it’s mostly, it’s called reality. But it’s a lot of acting….I say that because a lot of the girls that’s on the show you know they act. And so, it’s a lot of acting in the reality TV show.

When asked about her own character and if she is also playing a role she responds saying,

Well I mean, the reality TV showcases you kno a lot of who we are not. And I say that because it’s just like. You never know what happens in reality TV. I mean, they’ll showcase your music. They’ll showcase certain things. But that’s not who Joseline Hernandez is.

She reportedly had sworn under oath that all she said in the video was true. Thank God there may be a chance for Diamond Strawberry, I’m glad to see she ain’t really like that in real life! Check out the video and let’s chat below!





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