Earlier this month, R. Kelly’s girlfriend Joycelyn Savage made her first court appearance for the recent physical altercation she got into with former R. Kelly girlfriend Azriel Clary. Well, as Joycelyn was exiting the courthouse she was greeted by her family—and things didn’t go very well.

Joycelyn Savage, who is still committed to R. Kelly as he remains behind bars, set social media on fire a few weeks ago when she got into a fight with Azriel Clary that included allegations that Joycelyn engaged in a sexual relationship with Azriel when she was a minor, the two women are two years apart in age.

Joycelyn was seen as the aggressor in the fight and charged with assault and battery. She made her first court appearance, and while we don’t know what happened inside, the biggest drama was occurring outside when her family showed up.

Her mother and her sisters tried to talk to Joycelyn and get her to leave with them, but she was definitely not interested. She physically dodged them all and ignored their comments and instead climbed into a waiting car with a woman who appeared to be her lawyer.

Gerald Griggs, the lawyer representing the Savage family, stated that Joycelyn’s parents are concerned for her well-being. He also added that the family believes, she’s been “completely different from the Joycelyn they have known her entire life” since being with R. Kelly.


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