JT Speaks On Being Painted As An 'Angry Black Girl' Online

JT Speaks On Being Painted As An ‘Angry Black Girl’ Online: ‘Y’all Don’t Even Know Me’

JT opened up during a recent sit-down with Angie Martinez, and she dished on how she feels as though the internet has latched onto the narrative that she’s an “angry Black girl.”

This City Girl Is All About ‘Unapologetically’ Being Herself

The City Girls rapper spoke on the subject on the latest episode of the Angie Martinez IRL Podcast. After looking back on her childhood and her journey to where she is today, she proceeded to offer some reflective advice for others who are trying to get into the rap game.

“Not many people can do this, so you need to come, you do what you need to do, and you need to go as hard as you can. You can’t think about outside opinions.”

Regarding this last part about not paying any mind to “outside opinions,” JT shared that she personally struggles with this aspect of fame.

“That’s my problem. I let everything just get in my ear because I think they’re right for whatever reason.”

However, JT shared that she’s now fully embraced being “unapologetically” herself while being on her music grind. Period!

“I feel like that’s where I’m at right now. Just gettin’ to it, giving the people what I’m here for—which is music—and being unapologetically me.”

JT Acknowledges The ‘Angry Black Girl’ Narrative

As she continued focusing on the point about unapologetically doin’ her thang, JT pushed back against the notion that she should just “shut up” online.

“Why do I have to shut up? Why do I have to I have to like my life life like that?”

For context, anyone who follows JT on Twitter will know that she’s not afraid to clap back at online critics.

While some may find her antics polarizing, JT says that her critics “don’t even know [her].” Additionally, she went as far as to proclaim that the internet has run with the idea that JT is an “angry Black girl” who’s “always got an attitude.”

“The internet has painted me as this angry Black girl. Like, ‘She always mad. She always got an attitude’…That really bothers me because it’s like, y’all don’t even know me.”

She went on to point out that, while she “could be defending herself” or simply joking around online, she is somehow always framed as “the angry one” at the end of the day.

“I could be joking, I could just be talking, I could just be having an opinion, I could be defending myself, and I’m the angry one. I’m the rude one.”

You can check out a clip from the interview down below.

Shoutout to JT as she continues to navigate her career and unapologetically do her thang! Additionally, we have to give her her flowers for pushing back against the narrative of being an “angry Black girl.”


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