JT Gives Advice About Dating A Man With Money (Audio)

JT Gives Advice About Dating A Man With Money (Audio)

If it’s one thang  JT is known for, it is getting to the bag!

On Monday, JT had a word of advice, when dating a man with money. She took to Twitter’s voice notes and made it clear that women should be “realistic.” 

JT stated, “Y’all b****es need to start being more realistic and stop trying to be delusional in comments and making up s**t.”

JT continued, First of all, y’all b****es don’t own a house or land. So, stop saying, ‘Make a n***a buy you a house, make a n***a get you some land.’ Y’all don’t even own that.”

JT  went on to say, “Stop trying to brag about what a n***a you f***ing with and show what a n***a is doing for you. Y’all be so hyped off a n***a and y’all be forgetting to get what y’all can get. Then, you look up and he gone.”

She continued, “You have nothing, not a watch, not a car, not a nothing. How fast n***as move, by the time you get your tax returns to show for the house, he gone be gone.”

The rapper also stated, “Then y’all be saying, ‘Make him give you some money to invest.’ Stop lying them n***as don’t be giving all y’all money.”


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JT also tweeted that this generation was so materialistic, “This new generation is materialistic as f**k if you don’t get what I’m saying just shut the f**k up! Talking about land Lmfaoooooo n****s ain’t buying h*es land off the back y’all be trying to sound so smart!”

Some of her Twitter followers seemingly found it strange that she was saying this ‘cause, as y’all know, the City Girls rap group is known for rapping about materialistic things.

One person tweeted, “you was a whole scammer wym? Lmaooo” JT replied, “When I was scamming I didn’t go get s**t I knew I couldn’t afford or maintain THATS WHAT IM SAYING, next?”

What y’all think, Roomies?

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