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JT Sends Out A Message After Receiving Criticism For Her Tweets 

JT of the City Girls has had an interesting start to her week as she has been dealing with the resurfacing of some old tweets. There were various tweets from a few years back that have made their way to the spotlight, and JT is tired of people trying to tell her what to do with her Twitter page.

Many of the tweets in question were before her City Girls days, however, JT originally deactivated her main account on Monday and started another profile. However, she returned to her original account by Tuesday, and let it be known that she is tired of people telling her what to do.

She said, “I been on here since 2011 If y’all wanna read my tweets from when I was mad getting off work that’s on y’all.”

JT then used Twitter’s voice note feature to further express her frustration about all of the people that were coming for her.

She added. “You know what, ya’ll b*tches on this app win. I’m not finna be myslef. I’m about to be so professional b*ch I’m gonna show up to Twitter with a suit and tie every muthaf*ckin day. So worry about my muthaf*ckin tweets and and what I muthaf*ckin write. Patrol ya’ll own muthaf*ckin sh*t, make sure you don’t write the wrong thing. Get the f*ck off my page patrolin what the f*ck I say.”

It was also made clear by JT that if you joined Twitter during a certain year, you haven’t been on the app long enough to tell her what to do with her account.

“If your account say since 2018 you don’t make the rules of Twitter & you can’t cancel nobody you just got here you are in orientation,” she said. 


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