Juan Dixon's Alleged Mistress Says Robyn's Relationship Is Fake

Juan Dixon’s Alleged Mistress Speaks Out, Says His Relationship With Robyn Is Just ‘For TV’

On the heels of Robyn Dixon confirming that Juan Dixon was unfaithful ahead of season 7 of The Real Housewives of Potomac, his alleged mistress is speaking out to share her side of the story.

Alleged Mistress Says Robyn’s Explanation Is ‘Very Confusing’

The woman, who has reportedly been identified as “Brittany,” discussed the matter during a phone call with YouTuber Georgio Says—the same media personality who broke the story about Juan’s cheating on TikTok.

During the interview, Brittany confirmed that she indeed reached out to Juan first, though their correspondence carried on to the point that they were “both just waiting for the [COVID] restrictions to be lifted.”

Eventually, “at least a year” into talking, Brittany made the journey from Canada to Maryland, where she was going to “meet [Juan] at the hotel and just get settled in.”

At this point, Georgio brings up Robyn’s account of the story. As The Shade Room previously reported, Robyn told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that the alleged mistress flew down to Maryland because “she was dating a Baltimore Ravens player,” not to see Juan.

Regarding Robyn’s version of events, Brittany remarked, “I have no idea where that story came from—it’s very confusing.”

She also straight-up added, “I have no reason to go to Maryland other than to see Juan.” Oop!

Brittany Proclaims Robyn & Juan Dixon’s Relationship ‘Was A Paycheck’

Georgio also brought up the story about why Juan Dixon’s name was on a hotel receipt, as Robyn claimed he was simply helping Brittany out after she lost her purse and couldn’t pay.

However, Brittany said this was “outrageous” and “just doesn’t make sense.” She also agreed that she believes Juan “gave [Robyn] the story that she has regurgitated to [viewers].”

She was also sure to note she thinks “it was very clear” their relationship was fake.

“It was very clear that the relationship was for TV. Like, it was for the fans. It was a paycheck, and that was just their obligation. They needed to do what they needed to do pretty much for TV, and he made it clear that he does have that respect for Robyn, but it was not a real relationship.”

Brittany added, “It was just not a real, loving relationship. It was just more of co-parenting.”

Brittany Says She Never Requested Hush Money Via Zelle

Later in the sit-down, Georgio brought up Robyn’s claim about how Brittany supposedly requested $4,000 in hush money via Zelle. In response, she said that Robyn’s account simply didn’t add up, as Zelle isn’t supported in Canada.

“It’s a little outrageous and I wish she would’ve put more thought into her statement because I am in Canada…We don’t have Zelle. We don’t accept Zelle, I can’t request Zelle. I don’t have access to that on my phone.”


However, thanks to a lil receipt that’s begun circulating, some dedicated fans speculate that Brittany was playing semantics and indeed requested the money via PayPal.

Check out these receipts, as well as Georgio’s phone interview with Brittany, down below.

What do you think about the entire situation?


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