Kenneth Petty Ordered To Serve House Arrest For Offset Threats

Judge Orders Nicki Minaj’s Husband, Kenneth Petty, To Serve Home Detention For Viral ‘Threatening Remarks’ Toward Offset

Kenneth Petty must participate in a “home detention program” for up to “120 days,” per a court order from Judge Michael Fitzgerald.

Court documents show the Los Angeles judge signed the order on Wednesday (Sept. 20). This comes just days after Petty — Nicki Minaj’s husband — made threatening remarks against Offset online. Though the court order doesn’t name the Migos rapper, the one-page document states:

“Mr. Petty was recorded on video making threatening remarks towards a specific individual while in the company of someone with a criminal record. This recent violation conduct raises concerns over Mr. Petty’s willingness to comply with the Court’s orders.”

About a week ago, Kenneth Petty was trending on social media for a video of him and two other men throwing jabs at Offset. The men appeared to be standing on a New York City block at nighttime. TMZ reports the trio were standing across the street from a hotel Offset had allegedly stayed at.

One of the men claimed “they” wanted to “come” at him at the VMAs and also name-dropped Offset, asking “where you at.”

Meanwhile, Petty — looking directly at the camera– said, “Playing on that vacation, you gon’ be playing at your funeral, n***a. Ears always to the streets n****a. On everything, let’s play. What’s up?” Petty also added that “nobody” was “hiding.”

Offset seemingly responded with a selfie video of him exiting a “private jet” while laughing. He shared a second clip of himself inside a black truck, apparently teasing Petty and his crew about being outside and “broke.” Offset did not name Kenneth nor his crew in his alleged reaction clips. He was later filmed in an excited state at Deion Sanders to show support for the coach’s Colorado Buffaloes team.

More On Judge’s House Arrest Order For Kenneth Petty

Petty’s probation officer, Natasha Alexander-Mingo, is the federal official who presented the report to the judge on Kenneth’s recent “conduct and attitude.” On July 6, 2022, Judge Fitzgerald ordered Petty to serve three years of supervision after he failed to register as a sex offender in California in 2019. By March 2020, Petty had registered, which can be seen here. The registry requirement is related to 1994 attempted rape of Jennifer Hough.

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The PO also recommended Kenneth’s placement in the location monitoring program for “closer monitoring” of his “activities.” The chief probation and pretrial services officer also stated the monitoring program would limit Kenneth’s movements and provide a sanction for non-compliance. His PO hopes these new standards will “encourage [Kenneth Petty] to reflect upon and reevaluate his current status in the community.”

In addition to house arrest, he could be subject to electronic GPS monitoring, an alcohol monitoring unit, or an automated identification system. Kenneth Petty will also be required to pay the cost of the monitoring system to the contract vendor. The expense caps at $12.00 for each day he participates, totaling $1,440 for 120 days. Kenneth must provide payment and proof of payment as directed by his PO.

Legal affairs journalist Meghann Cuniff released the court document on X (formerly Twitter). She explained that Petty didn’t “try to fight the order” and that the PO and judge did not “need an outside report/complaint to act on this.”

Nicki Minaj Seemingly Reacts, Charlamagne Tha God Says Kenneth Is ‘Tricking’ Himself Out Of Freedom

On Thursday, amid the trending docs, Minaj shared a video featuring Petty on her Instagram feed using audio of a song she previewed at MTV’s Video Music Awards. It’s unclear if the video is meant to be a response, but the lyrics chosen say:

“I can’t be playing with n****s, I married a G. I got some n****s that do what I say, they pull up from the three. These b*****s be rapping, it sound like you trying to me. I’m who they dying to be. Would somebody cop all these groupies a ticket, cause I’m who they dying to meet! I’m in the city, I drop a location and all of the killers come out. These n****s capping for y’all, but they play the back when them killas is out.”

It’s unclear when the clip in her IG video featuring Kenneth embracing her from behind was filmed. Her caption promoted the return of her show ‘Queen Radio,’ set to premiere tomorrow. Minaj said the show will be filmed in New York.

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She also shared a GIF on Twitter of Joseline Hernandez — and again announced her ‘Pink Friday 2’ album to be released in November.

On Thursday, Charlemagne The God brought the conversation to the radio waves on the Breakfast Club. He urged Petty to care about how it impacts Nicki Minaj and his family. Adding that Petty was “tricking himself” out of the streets by making online threats.

“If you were still moving by the rules of the streets, there would be no way in hell you would be on the FBI’s internet recording yourself in 4K threatening to kill someone. You told that man to plan his funeral on the FBI’s internet, and you thought there wouldn’t be any consequences or repercussions do you know how many people probably sent that video to law enforcement? Why? Because you’re high profile, you’re Nicki Minaj’s husband. Even if you don’t respect yourself, respect your queen, respect who she is.”


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