Tyrese Reacts To Court Order To Pay $636K In Child Support, Fees

(EXCLUSIVE) Tyrese Reacts To Court Ordering Him To Pay $636K In Child Support & Legal Fees To His Ex-Wife



Tyrese is sharing his reaction to a court ordering him to pay $636,000 in child support and legal fees to his ex-wife Samantha Lee Gibson. The 44-year-old singer and actor shared an exclusive statement with The Shade Room.

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Tyrese Speaks Exclusively With The Shade Room

On Tuesday, the 44-year-old shared an exclusive statement with The Shade Room’s Saràn Tarawaley.

According to the singer, he believes “everything will be appealed.”

“Everything will be appealed. My attorney, Tanya Mitchell Graham, stated that at least 30 things beyond the scope of the law was mishandled and flat-out egregious and illegal.”

Additionally, the singer seemingly explained why he should not be held responsible for paying his ex-wife’s legal fees.

“Samantha originally paid $7,500 only to retain her attorney over two years ago and although she makes about $15,000 a month. Almost $150,000 a year. She ended up with two different law firms racked up legal fees, almost $500,000+ and they never asked her for another dime because they were banking on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. After my attorney asked their attorney why have you represented Samantha for [ free ] for well over two years and she can clearly afford to pay her OWN legal fees.:. ? They both said, ‘We really like her….’ People like me too but not enough to carry over 2+ years in legal fees without paying legal fees and make them wait over 2 years to be paid.”

Tyrese continued.

“The family law court system really f*****g sucks. It’s all a process we will appeal.”

According to TMZ, the singer’s attorney is also agreeance regarding filing an appeal.

Additionally, the outlet reports that the lawyer has also filed a motion for a new trial. The motion will reportedly be heard next month.


More Details Regarding Tyrese's Court Order

As The Shade Room previously reported, Tyrese appeared at Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta on Tuesday morning.

The court appearance continued an “ongoing child support battle” with his ex-wife, which mainly began because the singer refused to pay the court-ordered $10,000 per month, as reported by TMZ.

In the courtroom, the singer was reportedly held “in contempt” for his refusal to pay the ordered amount. Additionally, he was ordered to pay his ex-wife $237,944 in back child support and $399,000 for his ex-wife’s attorney fees.

Furthermore, the singer is reportedly responsible for a $17,000 bill for the court’s “special master,” who works to resolve ongoing disputes during cases.

According to the outlet, Tyrese is expected to pay a portion of the overall $636,000 amount by May 15.

Furthermore, the judge also maintained that the singer has indeed been paying child support over the years. However, he has only been paying a reported $2,236 monthly instead of the court-ordered $10,000 monthly.

Tyrese also addressed the ruling with a post shared via his Instagram account Tuesday night. Additionally, he called out to other fathers who believe they are being done wrong by the legal system.

“It’s all the process, right? Is anyone really surprised the outcome?… I am Shayla’s and Soraya’s’s father, and I’m gonna stay committed to being the best father I can…. When you sit at home, broke out of a job, mentally emotionally and physically unavailable for your children. We are called DEADBEATS! You get your ass whooped….

Then when you work hard, lose a lot of sleep at night as a serial entrepreneur, traveling hustling trying to do whatever it takes to provide for your children so that their life is much better than yours? As a father you STILL get your ass whooped…. “

Additionally, Tyrese explained that he is ready to work with “fathers advocate groups” to get new laws in place with Congress.

“I’ve never been the type of man to sit on my hands quietly bitch and moan at home about everything…. I stand UP a and speak UP a and OUT about injustice…”



Tyrese Previously Accused The Judge Of Racism

As The Shade Room previously reported, the 44-year-old most recently took to social media to accuse the judge, Kevin M. Farmer, of being “racist.”

Additionally, he explained that Farmer allegedly referred to his ex-wife as a b***h.

“Now listen, we ain’t together no more, we have our share of issues. But I have never referred to the mother of my child as a b***h. To hear this man — this white man — on the bench, wearing a black robe, who is supposed to represent the law, to refer to my ex-wife and the mother of my child as a b***h… why is he still on the stand?”

Additionally, Tyrese explained that his legal has worked to have the judge removed from his case. However, their actions have been unsuccessful.

“We tried to get him recused, we tried to get him thrown off the bench because of his conduct and his unprofessionalism. And then there were a bunch of things pertaining to the outcome of my case that he did that was literally illegal.”

This is not the first time the singer and Farmer have seemed to be at odds. According to TMZ, last year, the singer accused the judge of being biased against him when he was initially ordered to pay $10,690 monthly in child support.

Additionally, he alleged that Farmer referred to his wife as a “greedy, gold-digging b***h.”


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