Judge Orders Lil Scrappy To Stay Away From Erica Dixon For A Year! 

Judge Orders Lil Scrappy To Stay Away From Erica Dixon For A Year! 

Lil Scrappy is on the way to kissing custody of his daughter goodbye. Erica Dixon is not for the bull, Hunty!
A judge signed a “family violence” protective order Wednesday, banning Scrappy from being anywhere within 100 yards of her for the next year. She claims he assaulted her during the filming of LHHA.
Under that order, Erica is granted temporary custody of their daughter, Emani, and Scrappy has to enroll in a “family violence intervention program” within the next three weeks.
According to Erica, Scrappy “aggressively attempted to attack me and had to be restrained on several occasions. During a scheduled work related filming, the respondent became enraged during a conversation while attempting to attack me and further throwing an object at me.” She told the judge, “Although we meet to exchange custody of our daughter, I am extremely uncomfortable doing so after his erratic behavior.”
According to the court papers, Erica said she believes Scrappy will hurt her if he finds out her new address.
This is not working in Scrappy’s favor since he and Erica are in the midst of a child custody battle. Erica’s already asking the court to award her sole custody of Emani and when Scrappy sees her to be required to have a court-approved monitor. She’s not stopping there; Dixon also wants Scrappy to get tested for drugs and alcohol and go to rehab.
Being the father he is, Scrappy said in his own custody filing that Emani lived with him for the last two years and was scared of Dixon. According to him, Erica has dissed him in front of their daughter and often won’t allow him to speak to her when she has her. He also claims she refused to co-parent with him.
A Georgia Superior Court judge is set to rule on changing their child custody agreement next week.
Source: Bossip, http://bossip.com/1203224/bossip-exclusive-judge-orders-lhhatls-lil-scrappy-to-stay-away-from-erica-dixon-for-a-year-attend-domestic-violence-classes/
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