The city of#Pittsburgh is still searching for answers after the East Pittsburgh police officer who took 17-year-old Antwon Rose’s life was found Not Guilty on all charges. If you are unfamiliar with the case, Michael Rosfeld shot and killed Antwon on June 19, 2018, as Antwon ran away from him. The trial began March 20th, and only lasted four days before Rosfeld was acquitted.  His charges were first-degree murder, third-degree murder, voluntary, and involuntary manslaughter.



The foreman of the jury the acquitted him said that Rosefld did not know that Antwon was unarmed when he shot him. Another juror, Jesse Rawls told WHTM-TV that Antwon and the person he was with “brought it on themselves.”


The city has been coming together throughout the entire weekend. From their candlelight vigils to their community efforts to support his mother, and now the youth’s initiative to not be silenced at this time, Pittsburgh is showing another perspective to the city’s newly adopted slogan Stronger Than Hate.


Students self-organized the city-wide walk out and hundreds showed up! They gathered downtown for peaceful protest. They chanted, “how old was he? 17 🗣 17 🗣17!” Once they reached the intersection of Grant Street and Liberty Avenue, they formed a large circle where they continued to protest peacefully.



We hear that Pittsburgh Public Schools superintendent Anthony Hamlet said that he does not support the students’ decision to leave school early to participate in the protest. Furthermore, he said the district is offering services to students who are having a hard time processing the overall unfortunate situation.



We applaud the students for their bravery to exercise their rights and let their voices be heard during this time.


Roommates, let’s continue to keep Antwon Rose’s family, friends, and loved ones, along with the city of Pittsburgh in our thoughts and prayers.


TSR STAFF: Chantel Kelli! @_popchanny!

Photo: Talia Kirkland,