Justin Bieber Got Turned Down By Front Desk Girl At Gym

Justin Bieber Got Turned Down By Front Desk Girl At Gym

Ladies, Justin Bieber is out here looking for love on the gram! A woman named Jessica Gober has claimed that Bieber tried to bag her after seeing her on her jobs Instagram page.

‘Did this actually just happen… lmao Justin Bieber just messaged the gym that I work at and asked who I was hahahaha WTF,’ Jessica tweeted Wednesday.

She posted screenshots of the messages on
Twitter and fans were telling her that her chances of getting with him now were slim to none, but that didn’t phase her.

She had everyone’s mouth on the floor when she tweeted pictures of her and her man!

“I didn’t post the pictures of my boyfriend and because I thought that Justin Bieber wanted to ‘get with me,” Gober told BuzzFeed. “I posted them in response to everyone commenting that I ‘ruined my chances with Justin by tweeting the screenshots’. Either way I didn’t want a ‘chance’ because I am perfectly happy with my boyfriend.”

Sis is happily off the market Justin Bieber


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