WATCH: K. Michelle Says She's Had Over 100 Personal Assistants

WATCH: K. Michelle Says She’s Had Over 100 Personal Assistants And Reveals Why The Last One Got Fired

K. Michelle has a three-digit body count regarding how many personal assistants she’s hired. In a recent interview with MAJIC-FM 107.5/97.5, the singer revealed over 100 assistants have worked with her through the years.

“I’ve probably had over 100,” the singer admitted.

“But in my defense, the last three weeks…is it not a TV show,” K. Michelle asked someone from her team.

Then, the host, Ryan Cameron, asked her why the last assistant got the boot. K. Michelle gave Cameron the reason behind the firing while explaining why a few others didn’t make the long-term cut.

This was her reason for firing her latest assistant:

“Couldn’t hang up two TVs with six people came out to the house, didn’t know how to get the cords in the walls. Six different people in my house didn’t know how to hang a TV and wanted $2,000 a week. I said I’d do $1,600 a week.”


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K. Michelle Says An Assistant Candidate Revealed She Does Cocaine During The Interview

K. Michelle added that there’s still ripped paint on her wall from her former assistant’s inability to hang the TV. Then, the singer gave an example of the assistant’s alleged lack of communication skills.

“I remember one day I said, can you make reservations at five o’clock for four people?  She come in, say, I made reservations at four o’clock. And I tried it in front of everybody so they would know I wasn’t crazy.”

Then, she gave another example from her ‘failed assistants’ list. One woman lost the gig before she even secured it. K. Michelle and her team interviewed the woman at an Atlanta restaurant, and things were going “great” until the candidate got too comfortable.

“She talking, I’m like ‘she’s great, she is great, I like her.’ I’m looking at everybody, she say, ‘on holidays we do drugs, we do cocaine.”

The Can’t Raise A Man singer said it was the first time meeting the candidate.

“I couldn’t believe. This was my first time meeting her. I gave her two drinks and she lost it. Why would I be around stuff like that?”

In another instance, the artist said a potential candidate said her future goal was to be “sexy” and followed up by showing K her pornographic Instagram content.

K. Michelle has previously publicly commented on her assistant troubles. In an April 2021 tweet, she explained why she needs two assistants.

Elsewhere in the MAJIC-FM interview, she updated fans on some of her latest projects, including her businesses and music. On the entrepreneurial side, she revealed plans to open her new Puff & Petals restaurant in Atlanta this year, but with a new location. Additionally, she plans to release a new whiskey drink.


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She also plans to release her sixth R&B album, I’m The Problem, and a highly-anticipated country album. The singer will reportedly debut music from both albums during her I’m The Problem tour–beginning on Feb. 23.


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