K. Michelle Disses Lil Kim In Breakfast Club Interview! - "She Wants To Keep The 3 Fans She Got!"

K. Michelle Disses Lil Kim In Breakfast Club Interview! – “She Wants To Keep The 3 Fans She Got!”

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K. Michelle recently sat down with The Breakfast Club and addressed the rumors about her recent boo and the situation with her and Lil’Kim on the night of the VMAs. If you missed the drama, K. Michelle tweeted during the VMA’s that Nicki Minaj was the “Queen of Rap”. Lil Kim and K. Michelle were cool at the time, and Lil Kim fans didn’t appreciate the shout out! Immediately after K tweeted her admiration for Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim fans began to attack. When K. Michelle decided to slam Lil Kim fans for being rude towards her, Lil Kim decided to stand up for her army and check K. Michelle. Kim basically told K to stop disrespecting her fans! After that Twitter exchange, things went completely left and both entertainers were left with a bitter taste in their mouths.

K. Michelle even came after Soulja Boy for implying that they had an intimate experience together during an interview with a Memphis Blog. Apparently Soulja Boy was asked if he had relations with K. Michelle, and although he said no…he allegedly giggled in the background implying that there was something going on. She said, “Don’t let me talk about that Tranny in Atlanta,” referring to a past incident (allegedly) between Soulja & a Transgender woman.

Now, you know K. Michelle didn’t stop there! She talked about being categorized as the “bitter black woman” by her management. She said that her former friend Elle Varner was seen as the “light skin good girl” and was given better songs and booked at better venues as a result. K. Michelle says the difference in treatment isn’t fair because she produces more sales and generates more money than Elle Varner. We can’t confirm the validity of this, but if K is spilling that REAL TEA then we have to side with her on that one!

However, K. Michelle is known to have problems with a lot of people so…..

Anyways, we rate this interview WORT-TEA (worthy) of watching!

Watch The Video Below:




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