During a late night Twitter session yesterday, #KMichelle opened up about a recent #Lupus diagnosis and revealed that it affected her ability to have children.
“So my docs told me I had lupus. I was devastated for 2 weeks,” she began. “Then [I got] a call from my OBGYN saying that if I have twins they would not be full term because of my size and health. Literally I was so broken.”

The singer went on to reveal that she had once terminated a pregnancy and felt that this was a form of punishment from God. “I kept beating myself up like, ‘You’re being punished by God because you had that abortion.’ Man talk about a broken spirit,” says K. Even though conception was a definite struggle for her, K. Michelle says that she continued to pray, because she didn’t believe that God would leaver her “out there like that.”

Thankfully, she received a call from her doctors yesterday who confirmed that they had found a surrogate match! If you remember, K. Michelle exclusively revealed to us last Fall that she and her fiancé Dr. Kastan Sims were seeking a surrogate to carry twin girls.

“Two weeks of what felt like my world was crumbling, today we got a call that they really found the perfect surrogate for us,” says K. “I’m about to watch the most beautiful process and that’s bringing two healthy little girls in the world. That’s all that matters to me. God works.”

Congratulations, K. Michelle and Dr. sims!


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