Kai Cenat: Court Date Set For Next Week In Riot-Related Charges

UPDATE: Kai Cenat To Appear In Court Next Week For Riot Incitement Charges Over NYC Giveaway Event

Kai Cenat spent the night in a local New York City jail on Aug. 4 after police arrested him for allegedly inciting a riot.

The Twitch streamer proved his mass popularity when thousands descended on the city’s Union Square Park area that afternoon for a giveaway event. Multiple reports, including the Associated Press, say Cenat promised free electronics, including PlayStation 5s and gift cards.

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However, before the event could take place, the streets surrounding Union Square Park got rowdy–primarily with teenage fans. Photos and videos showed a chaotic scene.

Attendees climbed street signs, structures, and buses/cars, threw debris like rocks, bottles, and fireworks, and fought each other and officers on the scene. At least three officers were reportedly injured that afternoon.

Eventually, NYC police officers detained Kai Cenat and charged him with inciting a riot and promoting an unlawful gathering.

Though officials released him on Saturday (Aug. 5) morning, the internet superstar is expected to appear in court on Aug. 18, per a department spokesperson.

Authorities issued a desk appearance ticket to the 21-year-old to ensure his presence.

UPDATE: Kai Cenat To Appear In Court Next Week For Riot Incitement Charges Over NYC Giveaway Event
UNITED STATES -August 5: Kai Cenat being rushed from the 19th precinct to a waiting limo. (Photo by Sam Costanza for NY Daily News via Getty Images)



NYPD Arrests Multiple Minors Amid Unruly Crowd At Failed Giveaway By Kai Cenat

Local police didn’t just slap Kai with cuffs. In fact, police arrested at least 65 people, and, per the Associated Press, of that number, 30 were juveniles.

Additionally, ambulances on the scene reportedly escorted at least four people to the hospital for treatment. But, an unclear number of people also sustained injuries, including “bloodied faces.”

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NYPD Police Chief Jeffrey Maddrey told outlets police initially removed Cenat from the scene “for his safety.” Circulating footage shows the streamer being hoisted above a fence before being taken away in a police vehicle.

“We have encountered things like this before but never to this level of dangerousness,” the chief said on Friday. Adding, “We’re not against young people having a good time. We’re not against young people gathering. But it can’t be to this level where it’s dangerous. A lot of people got hurt today.”

Kai Cenat’s AMP Group Issues Apology For Chaotic Giveaway

At one point, unclear if it was before or after his detainment, Kai Cenat sent a message to the giveaway attendees via Instagram Story.

“I love you guys to the fullest, you guys are amazing. THE LOVE FROM HOME BASE IS REAL. Please be safe,” Cenat wrote on a photo of an ABC7NY news clip of the chaotic scene.

AP reports that Kai also live-streamed from a car as the crowd grew, displaying some giveaway gift cards. However, he warned fans to be “safe” because his team wasn’t “gonna do nothin’ until it’s safe.” 

On Aug. 5, Kai’s group AMP (Any Means Possible) reacted to the giveaway scene, apologizing for how things turned out. However, the statement failed to mention anything about the charges.

“Yesterday members of AMP hoped to create a positive experience for fans and give back as a show of appreciation for their support. We’ve hosted fan meet-ups and video shoots in the past, but we’ve never experienced anything at the scale of what took place yesterday.”

The statement added that the group recognizes the “greater responsibility” they have as their “audience and influence” grows.

“We are deeply dishearted by the outbreak of disorderly conduct that affected innocent people and businesses and do not condone that behavior. We apologize to all of those impacted…”

The statement wrapped by revealing AMP is “fully cooperating with local authorities,” but the group didn’t explain what that meant.

This is a developing story.


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