Kamaiyah is not here for forcing sisterhood between female rappers

Kamaiyah On Forcing Sisterhood In Female Rappers: “If I Don’t F***ing Like You, I Don’t F***ing Like You” | (Video)

Kamaiyah said what she said! In a recent interview with No Jumper, Kamaiyah addressed the double standards and expectations of unison between male and female rappers.

Kamaiyah speaks on how men in rap beef all the time and it’s almost encouraged and respected, but when their female counterparts don’t get along, it’s problematic and the female rappers are then seen as haters.

“Y’all put these unrealistic standards on women,” she said. “Ya’ll try to force us to f***ing kumbaya, hold hands, and turn in f***ing circles–y’all not telling all the men that they gotta form f***ing brother circles–why the f*** do women have to have f***ing sister circles?! We’re all not going to like each other, and that’s just realistic.”

Kamaiyah continues to say, “And then you get the people who are going to pretend that they like people because they feel like that’s what they have to do–I don’t ever wanna be that type of person ’cause I feel like if I don’t f***ing like you, I don’t f***ing like you,” adding, “Ya’ll can’t keep forcing that on women”.

Check out what she said below!

What are your thoughts on what Kamaiyah about forcing sisterhood in female rappers, Roommates? Do you agree with her take? Let’s chat below!

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