Kanye West On Kobe Bryant: "He Was The Basketball Version Of Me"

Kanye West On Kobe Bryant: “He Was The Basketball Version Of Me”

In his latest interview with GQ, Kanye West talks everything from music, fashion, to the late Kobe Bryant.  Kanye reflects on his relationship with Kobe, who tragically passed away in a helicopter crash along with his daughter and seven other victims.

“One thing I thought was really amazing is that we were able to find a groove with the photographs today even as out of it as I was with the loss of Kobe. We were able to just go to the court and play ball. There’s one street that I drive to go from either my office or my home to the property where the domes were built.” Ye said of Las Virgenes Road, which is the street where Kobe’s helicopter crash occurred.

“So now there’s no way for me not to be as determined as Kobe every time I drive down that street. It’s game time. There’s no move that we can’t make, or that we’ll wait to make.”

If y’all remember, Kobe and Kanye did an iconic Nike commercial together, which Kanye touched on as he spoke of being the rap version of Kobe Bryant.

“Everyone in our life is now a member of the Lakers on one of Kobe’s championship teams. The way that Kobe would say that we all have to come together and win this championship is the way I look at life now. To an infinite, other level. This is a game changer for me. He was the basketball version of me, and I was the rap version of him, and that’s facts! We got the commercials that prove it. No one else can say this. We came up at the same time, together. And now it’s like, yeah, I might have had a reputation for screaming about things—but I’m not taking any mess for an answer now. We’re about to build a paradigm shift for humanity. We ain’t playing with ’em. We bringing home the trophies.”

Check out Ye’s full GQ interview here.


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