Kanye West Said God Wanted Him To Interrupt Taylor Swift's 2009 VMAs Speech (Video)

Kanye West Said God Wanted Him To Interrupt Taylor Swift’s 2009 VMAs Speech (Video)

Roommates, how could we ever forget the moment when Kanye West ran up on stage and interrupted Taylor Swift’s 2009 MTV VMA award speech?! Taylor was up there nothing but 10 seconds before Kanye jumped up on stage and uttered the infamous words “Taylor, I’mma let you finish but, Beyonce had one of the best music videos of all time’ then hit the ‘Kanye shrug.’ Let’s re-live the moment just one more time:

The moment, catapulted Taylor into a huge career and launched a longgggg standing feud between her and Kanye West. He’s made referenced about it on his songs like ‘Famous,’ she’s taken jabs at him on social media. Even Kim Kardashian has had to stan for her man when it comes to the never ending Taylor vs. Kanye feud. Welp! More than 10 years later, Kanye explains exactly why he jumped up on stage. In an interview with Nick Cannon Kanye explains that God was the reason behind it all and if God didn’t want him to do it, he wouldn’t have been placed in the front row. See what he had to say below:

Now, Kanye has been very open about his religious beliefs and how God has changed his heart. He even recently started inventing new ideas with his faith in mind! He took to twitter to explain how much he loves TikTok but would like to see more faith-based content for young kids, an invention he’s tentatively named ‘Jesus Tok.’ Catch the details here!

Anyway, back to Kanye. Taylor has yet to respond to Kanye and to be honest the likelihood of her responding isn’t slim. We all know Taylor isn’t shy about speaking on her feelings now! But at this point, lets hope she lets sleeping dogs lie.

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