Karlie Redd Reveals 'Lip Injections' After Fan Says She Ruined Her Face

Karlie Redd Makes ‘Lip Injection’ Confession To Fans Assuming She ‘Ruined’ Her Face With Plastic Surgery

48-year-old Karlie Redd assures fans she’s merely plumping her lips with filler after critics begged her to stop “ruining” her face with plastic surgery.

The “Love and Hip Hop” star has been in the public eye for nearly a decade now with fans seeing her transition from her early days in reality television to a charting musician. Karlie’s song “Werk” climbed to number three on the reggae charts this week, she shared on live stream while shedding happy tears.

While chatter about Karlie’s popular song and video bubbled online, Twitter users also discussed Karlie’s apparent change in appearance with a stunned fan of hers tweeting:

“She completely ruined herself.”

In a previously Instagram live stream uploaded on August 4th, Karlie also noticed comments about her appearance that seemed to mimic the viral tweet. The star addressed the speculation upfront, denying she’s done anything besides having a professional makeup artist named Tim, and getting lip enhancements with filler to commenters who questioned her looks.

“Let’s talk makeup. Let’s talk real sh–t. You know, because everybody’s talking about my face. Let’s keep it real. I got lip injections, and Tim is always getting on me, like, ‘Stop doing the lip injections or whatever, right.’ So, I’m going to stop because everyone is always talking s**t about my face.”

Karlie Redd Slams Eye, Nose Plastic Surgery Assumptions

“That’s all I got on my face,” the mother continued. “I have not had surgery, but I always make Tim do my makeup with my eyes doing slanted. That is my thing; make my eyes catty.”

The reality star told viewers who questioned her nose shape that her straight nose was due to genetics.

“My nose has always been straight. Look at my daughter’s nose, you can tell we come from a family of straight noses,” she added.

Check out Karlie’s latest music release “Werk” featuring Spice and Capella Grey below.



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