Karrine Steffans Talks With VladTv, Says Drake Ghostwrites For Lil Wayne

Karrine Steffans Talks With VladTv, Says Drake Ghostwrites For Lil Wayne

Karrine Steffans: “I know that [Drake] was writing stuff for Wayne”
Karrine is spilling all tea this morning! She visited our friends over at VladTv to give her two cents about the Meek Mill vs. Super-Saiyan Drizzy “beef”, also telling Vlad that Drake ghostwrites for Lil Wayne!
Now, there is absolutely no shade here, because Karrine insists that this is an industry norm. She explained to Vlad that, “There’s not one artist alive that writes everything all the time, constantly, because you don’t have fucking time.” I mean, when you’re Lil Wayne and you’ve got an amazing career, plus all the hoes, of course you’re not going to have time to write an albums worth of music by yourself. But what may shock you is the reason why Drake writes especially for Weezy, and you know Karrine spilled that too!
“I know that Wayne was looking to change something,” she said. “Wayne told me that [Drake] was also teaching him how to tell better stories and how to ride the beat differently… So, the student was becoming teacher” You really do have to consider that at this point, Lil Wayne has been in the rap game for over half of his life and when you’ve reached a juncture in your life such as that one, sometimes you have to bring in something new in order to get your grove back. According to Miss Karrine, “Drake was just showing him how to take his ideas and make it into a story… A lot of artists help each other out that way, they collaborate on things!”
Well, I guess the wool is pulled off of everyone’s eyes! Very few people in the music industry solely write their own music so get off Drake’s back! Roommates, what do y’all think of this new revelation?

Check out the full VladTv interview below!

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PS: Congrats on IYRTITL going platinum, boo ????
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