#Roommates, by now I’m sure you’ve seen our #TSRBaeWatch with both #Karrueche and #VictorCruz but sis is finally opening up a little bit about their relationship!

In an interview with @Bossip, #Karrueche spoke on her relationship with Victor saying: “It’s good. We like each other. We just mesh very well. We get along, we have fun.” She also added: “Whether it’s just us two or friends. It’s easy breezy and it’s really refreshing, and I’m just enjoying it.”

It’s undeniable that Kae looks happy with her new boo. They’ve been spotted everywhere together, from Miami to NYC. It seems even her #Clawz co-stars have given her their approval. Sources confirmed Victor frequently visits her on set and all of her co-stars just love when he’s around.

It’s nice to see them going strong! This could be the real deal.

Source: https://bossip.com/1642737/exclusive-karrueche-on-new-relationship-with-victor-cruz-we-just-mesh-very-well/

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