Kash Doll Plans To "Change The Narrative" Of OnlyFans

New Era! Kash Doll Shares How She Plans To “Change The Narrative” Of OnlyFans

Kash Doll has officially joined OnlyFans, but she has made it clear that her intentions for joining are different from what most people might expect.

The Detroit rapper wants to “change the narrative” around the often misinterpreted subscription-based platform commonly associated with explicit content and sex workers and use it to connect with her fans on a more intimate level.

Kash Doll’s Surprise Announcement

Kash shared the news with fans on Wednesday (December 13), stating there won’t be any raunchy photos or videos on her page. Instead, she promises to provide her subscribers with “exclusive music, pics, behind the scenes and things” for a monthly fee.

“OnlyFans is revolutionizing the way artists share,” Kash said in a follow-up statement. “It gives me true freedom of expression. I’m constantly inspired by my fan base, and having this platform where I can connect with them on a personal level will be a way of giving back to them.”

Soon after her announcement, Kash went on Instagram Live and elaborated on her decision to sign up for the site, as she follows in the footsteps of Iggy Azalea, Tyga, Bhad Bhabie, and Amber Rose, who are already active members on the platform.

She reminded her followers that OnlyFans isn’t all about intimate acts; it’s for fans to see premium content they wouldn’t find anywhere else, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be explicit.

Kash also revealed that they paid her a significant amount of money to join, hoping she could use her reach to help change the perception and narrative.

She said, “You know I got paid a bankroll to join OnlyFans so that they can change the narrative for what OnlyFans is for.”

More Celebrities Are Joining OnlyFans

The popularity of OnlyFans among celebrities shows that it has become a lucrative avenue for them to capitalize on their fame.

While some may view the platform as controversial due to its association with nudity and intimate acts, it has also allowed celebrities to take control of their brand while generating significant revenue.

In 2020, Variety claimed that Disney alum Bella Thorne had made history after becoming the first person on OnlyFans to earn $1 million in just 24 hours. Those numbers reportedly doubled to $2 million in less than seven days.

Other notable figures who have relied on OnlyFans to connect with their fans on a personal level (and make a cute lil’ coin in the process) include ‘Baddies’ star Natalie Nunn, Larsa Pippen, Carmen Electra, and Blac Chyna.

And while some are just joining the OnlyFans wave, others have already tired. Chyna has since quit the site as she told fans her newfound faith and dedication to her religion were the main factors behind her decision.

Last year, the mother of two, now known as Angela White, got baptized. She stated that if she continued on the platform, she would contradict God’s will and only degrade herself. Therefore, Chyna has decided to lead a life more consistent with her religious beliefs, which doesn’t include OnlyFans.

“I will never go back on OnlyFans,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “As fast as [the money] comes, as fast it goes. And also, too, it comes with a lot of negativity, you know? My kids are getting older, they see all these things, and I’m just not going out like that.”

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