We posted a video the other day of #KattWilliams going innn with the jokes on Atlanta radio host #WandaSmith.

Following that incident, there were reports that Wanda’s husband allegedly pulled a gun on Katt and chased him to a nearby supermarket.

TMZ cameras caught up with Katt and when asked what the tea was, he blatantly said “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” adding, “If someone did pull out a gun, what would you do that for—if it’s not to shoot someone what is it?”

Katt then went on to say, “What gun? I assure you if there was a gun, then there would have been charges and police, and jail and all that right? So there could be no gun right?”

The camera man went on to ask the comedian if he and Tiffany Haddish had squashed their beef seeing as they’d posed for a photo together at the #Emmys, and Katt responded by saying, “Tiffany and I never had any beef.”

In the footage, Tiffany also went on to say that there was no problem. Watch what went down via TMZ!

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