Kayla Nicole And Her Ex-Bestfriend Lyric Put The Paws On Each Other!

Kayla Nicole And Her Ex-Bestfriend Lyric Put The Paws On Each Other!

Kayla Nicole is known for her ability to make y’all laugh, but sis is out here showing y’all she can thrown them hands too!

Video surfaced online of Kayla and her longtime best friend getting into it last night, and they ended up putting the paws on each other. Apparently, they linked up to talk about a few things, and it quickly went left.

In the video, you can see Kayla approach Lyric, and there was no talking being done! They got straight to knuckin, and a wig went flying!

Kayla took to Instagram live to address the situation, and claims Lyric tried to run over her assistant.

“This girl tried to run over my assistant,” she said. “You pulled off on her so fast you damn near took her foot off. She was standing by the car trynna bring you a jacket.”

“You mad cause I won’t take care of you. Last time we fell out she was mad cause I didn’t send her any money.”

According to Lyric, things went a little differently. She says Kayla ran up on her, with no specific reason.

“I tried to be nice. I’m not embarrassed. I’m a pretty girl and I don’t fight, never have,” she wrote. “But sis ran up on me. Kicking cars. Anybody who knows me knows my loyalty his unmatched, so Kayla baby yes you getting a video on this one.”

Despite what is being said, the video definitely speaks for itself. Both girls engaged in the fight, and neither one of them have any regrets. Lyric says she plans to air out Kayla’s dirty laundry on YouTube.

“I spared you the first time when you tried  to put your hands once. This time? Nah. I’m telling everybody how this REALLY went down.”

As for Kayla Nicole, she says Lyric is just looking to get clout off her name and become famous.



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