Social Media Reacts To Keke Palmer's Jab At Darius Daulton

Social Media Shares Mixed Reactions To Keke Palmer’s Subtle Jab At Darius Daulton Jackson In Usher’s ‘Boyfriend’ Video

The visual to Keke Palmer and Usher’s music video link-up has finally been released. However, viewers are not holding back on their reactions. As The Shade Room previously reported, the pair teased a promo clip for the visual yesterday.

Additionally, the pair’s collaboration arrives a month after Palmer’s boyfriend, Darius Daulton Jackson, criticized her outfit for a recent Usher concert.

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Keke Palmer Stuns As Usher’s Leading Lady In His “Boyfriend” Music Video

Usher’s “Boyfriend” music video was released on Wednesday morning. The 4-minute visual stars Palmer alongside her girlfriends as they prepare for an evening outing. Simultaneously, Usher is also preparing to step out as well.

As the two parties eventually collide, Usher and Palmer join forces for a dance sequence in what appears to be the lobby of a Las Vegas hotel.

“Somebody said that your boyfriend is looking for me, and that’s cool. That’s cool,” Usher sings. “Well, he should know I’m pretty easy to find — Just look for me wherever he sees you.”

However, at the end of the music video, Palmer is seemingly awakened to discover that her meeting with Usher was all a dream. Additionally, the scene references the words of Palmer’s boyfriend when he criticized her for her outfit at the Usher concert.

 “…I’m so tired — I’m a mother, after all,” Palmer says, winking at the camera.

Check out clips of the music video below!


Social Media Reacts

Social media users rushed to The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to Usher and Palmer’s collaboration. Some users criticized Palmer for making light of the controversy with her boyfriend, Darius Daulton Jackson.

Instagram user @i_rock_23s wrote.
“She dragging it now, beginning to reach lower territory lol”
User @notorioushae added.
“They childish for this. That is the father of her kid & he really didn’t do anything wrong to her publicly like how she embarrassed him, but… to each their own. She gonna look back & regret this… cuz she really look like a groupie.”
While Instagram user @poster_walled wrote.
“Making your man look weak ain’t a good look as a unit.”

However, others applauded and defended Palmer for turning her “lemons into lemonade.”

Instagram user @queen.juss wrote.
“Sooooooooooo he tried to embarrass her on instagram knowing the consequences of the internet. She takes the embarrassment, runs with it, flips it and now y’all mad at her ? Y’all just wanna find somebody to be mad at 😭”
While user @t.herairness added.
“Everybody mad at her but not him for embarrassing her. He could have addressed his insecurities with her offline.”

Instagram user @yourfavoritetomboy explained.

“Loved it! The problem isn’t even Keke and her childs father. It’s everyone else who can’t let shit go and triggered by a situation that has nothing to do with them.”
While Instagram user @jenneka13 added.
“All I see is someone who capitalized off a situation that was meant to embarrass her. The music video and song is good too. Stop reading so much into it and let these entertainers entertain..”

Meanwhile, some users, such as @baddie_boi_bey, poked fun at Usher’s proximity to all of the controversy.

“Boyfriends everywhere r gonna file a class action lawsuit against usher if he doesn’t cease an desist 😂”

A Brief Recap Of Darius Daulton’s Criticism Of Keke Palmer

As The Shade Room previously reported, Usher and Keke Palmer teased a promotional clip for the music video via social media on Tuesday.

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The pair’s announcement arrived after Palmer’s boyfriend criticized her for her attire at an Usher concert in July. At the time, Jackson took to Twitter to chastise Palmer.

 “It’s the outfit tho.. you a mom,” he tweeted at the time.

Additionally, Jackson shared additional insight with Twitter users regarding his stance.

At the time, social media users heavily criticized Jackson for his remarks toward his girlfriend.

However, Palmer mainly remained tight-lipped on the situation. As The Shade Room previously reported, the 29-year-old sat down for an interview with The Cut shortly after. Instead of directly responding to her boyfriend’s public remarks, she explained that motherhood has made her more “powerful.”

Additionally, she explained that she is embracing her new body and encouraged other new moms to “do them.”

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“Do you, new moms. Do you. Girl, if there’s one person on this earth that loves you for sure, it’s that baby. Be happy, because there’s no love like it. Somebody loving you like that, hell, who cares?”


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