Keke Palmer Cuts Up While Streaming The Sims, Fans Geek Out

Keke Palmer Humorously Cuts Up While Streaming The Sims, Fans Geek Out

Keke Palmer‘s beloved sense of humor was put on full display during a recent Instagram Live, as she was cutting UP while playing The Sims!

Keke Started Tuesday Off With Computer Game Struggles, Fellow Simmers Chime In To Help

On Tuesday, Keke went on Twitter to seek assistance from other Simmers regarding custom content (CC), which is a term used for fan-made content that can be downloaded into the game.

Specifically, she was bemoaning the fact that something in her game kept causing her Sim to “look crazy after she showers,” and Keke was “irritated” about having to go into the game settings to unearth the issue.

In turn, fellow Simmers flooded in to provide some insight.

Additionally, many were hype to know that Keke Palmer enjoys playing The Sims, which she confirmed by saying she “be popping in and out.” Celebrities—they’re just like us!

Keke later provided an update and let her fellow Simmers know how she fixed the issue after 24 hours.

She Hilariously Entertained Fans By Showing Off Her Sims On Instagram Live

Ahead of fixing the issue, though, Keke decided to let interested fans check out her Sims setup through Instagram Live.

She proceeded to casually play The Sims while humorously narrating the sequence of events, and viewers were eating the content up!

You can check out some clips of Keke’s IG Live down below.

Aside from showing off her top-tier narration skills, Keke was sure to also highlight some of the glitches. Humorously, one glitch involved her Sim’s hair disappearing, causing her to have “edges with no hair.”

All in all, it sounds like the matter was a win-win: Keke got help with her game, and the internet got some hilarious new clips!

Would you have guessed that Keke Palmer was a fan of The Sims? Additionally, would you be down to watch her cut up while livestreaming more online games?


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