KeKe Palmer Takes To Social Media To Warn Her Fans To Protect Their Private Journals After Sharing A Story Of Her Friend

KeKe Palmer Takes To Social Media To Warn Her Fans To Protect Their Private Journals After Sharing A Story Of Her Friend

Roommates, the ability to share your personal thoughts and place them somewhere private without fear that someone will invade your privacy, is something that many of us are likely very familiar with—but KeKe Palmer recently warned her fans to be extra careful to make sure that their personal journals are kept under lock and key. Taking to social media, KeKe Palmer shared a story of a friend who experienced someone close to them reading their journals and she wants to make sure that no one else (including herself) has the same experience.

In a lengthy Instagram post, KeKe Palmer shared the following regarding the act of protecting your journals:

“No seriously lol, protect your journals. Gone are the days we would expect our little sister or brother to sneak into our room and read our most vulnerable thoughts. 

Now, when letting people into your home, a friend or a coworker or even a lover… One must be weary.

A friend of mine found out someone had been reading their journal. They were very close roommates. One day after they’d come home early, they caught that roommate in the act of reading their journal. The worst part about it wasn’t all the hurtful things they hurled at them from what they read about their past. But the realization my friend had that every GOOD moment they thought that had with that roommate could’ve been manipulated into being what it was because of what they may had or may not had read in their journal…

I was astonished, because I never thought of my own journal as a weapon to be used against me. After I heard this, I realized I must remind my followers, HIDE YOUR JOURNALS (this is lightly facetious but very serious as well 🤨). You never know who’s dying to read them to use your own soul and humanity against you.


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 If you’re familiar with KeKe Palmer’s social media activity, she regularly shares things with her fans to help them better themselves—and apparently that now includes realizing just how important it is to keep the private thoughts that matter the most to you as secure as possible.


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