Earlier this week, social media learned that Keke Wyatt’s ex-husband Michael Jamar has a new lady in his life.

Former American Idol contestant Paris Bennett posted him as her #MCM and said, “An everyday crush but you can all him MONDAY.”


The post wasn’t met with too many positive responses from fans, which caused Michael to release a statement in response to the comments made on social media.

In a statement we received from his team, he said:

 “Keke and I are legally divorced. There was never any cheating that took place in our relationship by either party. We are now free to be whoever’s MCM or WCW, and they are free to use whatever caption they want on their individual pages. Us divorcees and divorce’es deserve to be happy & loved too; just like everyone else. The grass can be greener; sometimes you have to just follow your heart. Social media tends to present truths that are often one sided…and not very true at all. So many People have opinions and thoughts about others choices and how others live their lives when they don’t know the real story. Don’t believe the hype.  Keep in mind that there are children involved, some of which read these comments. So please be respectful.” 

Peace & Blessings. 

 -Michael Jamar Ford